Site Sight Unseen

Like the Surrealists before me, I have a deep respect for the fortunes of chance. So when a strong impulse to photograph an ordinary scene of dried plants falling against a wall came over me, I followed my intuition. These images became the genesis of my new Site/Sight Unseen series.

While working on the negatives, one unfixed print remained in the darkroom sink all day, unnoticed. As it lay there an alchemical interaction took place between the gelatin silver paper, light and the developer. The dramatic effects and unexpected beauty of that print opened up a new way of working for me, in which process itself rather than preconceived ideas took precedence.

Engaging uncertainty, I purposely pour, spray, and drip chemicals onto exposed gelatin silver paper, manipulating and closely monitoring changing effects with an alchemist’s attention to detail. This method of intermingling conscious choice, chance, and inspiration allows me to compose richly layered silver gelatin prints. These images are enlarged and then printed on archival paper using the digital process.